Typhoon TV APK | Download for Android, iOS, Firestick

Do you remember Terrarium TV, the app which allowed users to watch movies and TV series for free? Well, Typhoon TV is the better version of it.

After Terrarium TV was shut down, TyphoonTV was launched to address the movie streaming needs of the users. The app is loaded with popular movies and TV series and users can get quality links to watch them. You can easily download the app on Android devices by using its APK file.

   Download Typhoon TV

TitleFile Details
File NameTyphoontv-apk
File Size15 MB
SecurityVirus Free
Last Updated12th August 2020

What are the features of Typhoon TV APK?

One of the best things about the app is its long list of amazing features. Let’s take a look at them. 

Regular updates

The app developers make sure to release regular updates to keep the app functional and stable. 

Sound quality

Typhoon TV APK

Many free streaming apps don’t offer good sound quality. This hampers the entire experience. Typhoon TV is not one of them. Every link you open on the app produces decent sound quality to bump up the user experience. 

It’s free

To be able to watch movies and TV series for free is a dream come true. You can thank TyphoonTV for it. 

Subtitle support

Many people crave for subtitles while watching movies and TV series. It offers multi-language subtitles on demand. 

Video player

You don’t have to download a separate video player to use the app. TyphoonTV has its built-in video player. And it’s good.

Live streaming

Many apps are unable to provide good live streaming experience. Thankfully, the app addresses this issue and offers the best live streaming experience in the market. You can also download the content without any problem. 

Latest content

All the latest movies and TV series are available on TyphoonTV. You can watch them at your convenience. 

User interface

Typhoon Tv Interface

To enhance the user experience, every app needs to have a reliable interface. And Typhoon TV is not so different. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which is one of its highlighted features.

HD Video Quality

What good is a streaming app, which offers poor video quality? One of the reasons why Typhoon TV has gained popularity is due to its amazing HD quality content. Formats like 720 and 1080 pixels are very well supported on this app. 

File Size

TyphoonTV has an app size of 9-14 MB (depending on where you download it from), which makes it easy to download and support on your Android devices. 

How to Download & Install Typhoon TV APK on Android?

Unfortunately, TyphoonTV is not available on the Google Play Store. So, you have to download its APK file online. You can easily find Typhoon TV APK files and many have listed its installation process as well. But they can be confusing and misleading at times. To keep things simple, we have written a short installation process and it works 100%. Let’s check out the steps for it. 

  1. Open settings on your Android phone, tap on ‘Android privacy and security settings’, search for ‘Unknown sources installation’ and enable it. 

Download TyphoonTv (

  1. Typhoon TV version is now available to download. This update solves many issues like app crashes, occasional hiccups, and improves the user experience to a great extent. You can download the APK file from here.  
  1. Once you have downloaded the app, navigate to the file location, and click on it. 
  1. Click on the ‘Next’ icon and continue with the on-screen steps to finish the installation.
  1. Once the app is set up, you are free to watch your favorite movies or TV series on it. 

Typhoon TV App for FIRESTICK | PC | IOS | | Android TV | Roku

Typhoon tv is compatible with all the devices. You can use is on pc, ios, mac os, firestick and android tv also.

How to Install Typhoon tv on iOS devices?

For ios devices like iPhone and iPad, you can download typhoon tv after some modification. We have written an in depth installation guide to install typhoontv for ios.

Typhoon Tv App for PC (Windows & MAC)

Watching movies on pc have its own charm. If you want to download typhoon tv for windows and mac then you should read our guide to download and installing typhoon tv for pc.

TyphoonTV Download for Firestick & Fire Tv

You cannot directly download the app for firestick. Though, there are a lot of methods like jailbreaking or sideloading, etc. But, we don’t want to complicate things for you. We have written a simple guide and steps to install typhoontv on firestick. Just follow it and you enjoy your favorite movies.


Q1- Is Typhoon TV still working?

Answer: Yes, the app is still functional but many users have reported bugs that hamper the entire experience. The respective app developers are continuously working to address the issues. 

Question 2- Is Typhoon TV any good?

Answer: Yes, of course. The app offers HD quality content with the amazing sound quality for an enjoyable experience. 

Question 3- How do I stop my Typhoon TV from buffering?

Answer: There are different ways to do that. Let’s take a look at them. 

  1. Use a VPN to avoid internet throttling
  2. Clear cache of the app
  3. Try using different streaming links
  4. Remove unwanted apps from the device
  5. Use real debrid

Question 4- How do I install TyphoonTV on Android?

Answer: You just have to download the apk and install it on your android device. We have written a detailed guide on it. Please take help from there. If you still have any doubts, you can ask us in the comment section.